The Event: from 27th to 30th July 2017


Dear Tango Dancers,
we have a dream to share with all of you
The second edition of “Tango Fest Palermo”.
It will take place at the “complesso monumentale dello Spasimo”
from  27th to 30th July 2017.
It’s one of the most evocative monuments of Palermo,
representative of the Arab-Norman Architecture
that became UNESCO Heritage site.
We are going to dance in a huge central nave of a roofless church,
a breathtaking experience with a roof full of stars.
The charm of a timeless place for the second edition of
“TangoFest Palermo”

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The Location: Santa Maria dello Spasimo

Around the year 1506 the the jurist Giacomo Basilicò from Palermo, particularly devoted to “Our Lady who suffersbefore the Christ falling under the cross on the way to Calvary”, gave some land to the Benedictine monks of Monte Oliveto in order to build a church and a monastery. He also financed the works that began in 1509, (approved by a papal bull of Julius II). When the church was finished the monastery remained incomplete. In 1582 the church was used as a place of public entertainment, a sort of first example of “permanent theater” in Italy; later, when the plague spread, the structure was used as a hospital for the sick. After the outbreak, the rooms were used as a granary and a warehouse. In the middle of the eighteenth century the ceiling of the nave of the church collapsed, and it was never rebuilt.
The 25th July 1995 marks the date of the reopening of the church to the public as a suggestive open-air theatre and since 1997 the premises of the former hospital house the offices of The Brass Group Foundation, the Jazz Museum, the Popular School of Music, the Foyer, also called Blue Brass and the European School of Jazz Orchestra.

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General info about TangoFest Palermo

Programs and Locations Maps

To view the TangoFest Palermo programs or location maps visit the dedicated sections below:

Thuesday 27 July



Lorena Tarantino Giovanni Cocomero

Where to stay

In order to encourage all participants in the event, TangoFest Palermo has entered into an exclusive agreement with the San Paolo Palace hotel**** . Location of  accreditation to the event and which will host both the lessons that after- milonga on Friday and Saturday night.
If you require any further information feel free to contact us or calling our organizing staff:
Marianna Cangialosi – ph: (+39)392 2278384
Alfredo Piraino – ph: (+39)328 0232712

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During the event you will be able to meet our exhibitors in their showroom!





Giò Il Fuz

from Massa (IT)


Stefano Lopes

from Palermo (IT)


Livia Di Maria

from Firenze (IT)


Elisabetta Piro

from Palermo (IT)


Valeria Norcia

from Palermo (IT)


Peppe Di Gennaro

from Napoli (IT)


Analia La Rubia Del Giglio

from Argentina


Sergio Piscitello

from Palermo (IT)


Ilias Selalmazidis

from Grecia

Photogallery of the 2016 edition