Gianpiero Galdi & Maria Filali

The dance of Mary and Giampiero is based on the meeting of two personalities and two different life trajectories; convinced that they can shape complementing each other and making their tango a constant creative dialogue.

As artists, their main desire is to create moments of deep emotion and sharing with the public, only achieved with a pure improvisation. They hope to be an inspiration and to reach every member of the audience in a very personal way.Aesthetically, the culture of ‘here and now’ in their tango flows from the traditional to the most contemporary expression of the movement.As teachers, they combine in-depth study of technical knowledge as well as the analysis of the basic concepts with the use of very concrete tools, to increase the sensations and the efficiency of movement. Their holistic approach of tango focuses on the development  presence and body-general awareness, putting technical precision at the service of creativity, expressiveness and musicality.